Perspective (Letter)


  1. Perspective (Letter) 03:17






I’ve suffered a lot in my life.
My dad is a drug addict and my mom feels like she’s not even alive.
I’ve cried a lot of times and I was a shy girl.
Who doesn’t want to talk about anything because she’s scared of everything.
Just to find out when I’m inside of my room.
I’m trapped in a world full of books.
I read because it makes me feel painless.
I see some singers and I understand what they’re saying.
But I am really tired of being weak, you know?
I work from eight to ten p.m. week after week, so I can support my family.
It doesn’t supposed to be like that.
I’m a young girl in her first twenties who is supposed to party like crazy.
But I’m here and my Brothers doesn’t care about their sister.
I have a routine and I’m afraid every day of failing, I’m a hipster.
I have a girlfriend and my friends don’t understand my shameless.
Full of spirituals and rituals of being a positive helpless.
In College, I failed classes and I don’t even understand why.
My head and my spirit are straight to the top, here’s your Grammy award.
You can’t pretend that a land should have the same form.
If the land has been with constant earthquakes and storms.
But I’m not afraid anymore.
Because I know life will take charge of our situation.
So, if you have something to say about me.
I respect your comments but you are not inside of me.
I don’t like to tell what’s happening.
Because I see my friends and I think they can do without me.
My life has changed and you don’t know.
It’s called; “Change” something I’ve been waiting on.
I love to be free like a dove.
Now I can say good-bye to the sadness and welcome love.

I’ve seen the pain in your eyes. I’ve seen a lot of fake smiles.
You can hide but you can’t run and if you don’t return.
Life will take everything else before you have the courage to fight for your love.


Written by: Ninoshka M. Medina.
Produced by: Ninoshka M. Medina.
Recorded by: Daniel “Wichi” Medina at Wichi’s Studio.
Background Vocals by: Gabriel Otero.
Vocals Mix by: Phil Higgins at Mix Pro Studios.
Mixed by: Michael McKenna at MMK Mastering.
Mastered by: Michael McKenna at MMK Mastering.
Published by: BMI.

℗ © 2016 Joy’s Records.