How That Hell I Failed NAVY Boot Camp (Part 2)

Most of y’all read the title and automatically say; “This Recruit failed because of PT. Another PT Story” This time is not the case. The difference between my story and everybody’s fail story of Boot Camp is kinda different from what is thought. I swore in on June 13, 2017. After a long day from 3:30AM to 12:00PM, it was the time to do so … Continue reading How That Hell I Failed NAVY Boot Camp (Part 2)

Tin Pan Alley

When you thought you knew everything about the Industry, it comes something new always to learn. The Tin Pan Alley. This is the New York’s City first movement of Composers and Lyricists. This is where ASCAP was born, and the reason of why ASCAP was born it was the no-control of copyright in those times of New York’s City Music. Although, places like Memphis, Mississippi … Continue reading Tin Pan Alley