My Road To MEPS (Physical Phase)

First Part

Hello Hello Hello!

I went to do the Physical with MEPS and I will tell you how the story went.

February 26, 2017 – February 27, 2017


I went to the Recruiter Office on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 1:30pm and we got out of the Office at 2:30pm with two other applicants to the Hotel. We arrived at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We received a short brief of what not to do at the Hotel, like;

• Don’t smoke.
• Don’t drink
• Don’t do drugs
• Don’t swim (neither pool or beach) and the reason was to not get an infection at the ears because at MEPS you get your ears check.
• Don’t party
• Don’t have sex (neither hetero or homosexual sex, and this is because in the urine test you can get residuals of semen or Vaginal secretion)
• Don’t leave too far away from the Hotel
• Be at room at 10:00pm
• Respect everybody at the Hotel

So, we got our keys, the boys were on the third floor and the girls on the Sixth floor. I left my baggage on the hotel, and my room mate did the same, I got changed for the hot weather and I went downstairs. I stayed the whole afternoon by the pool and by the beach until we got launch at 5:00pm. So, I went to the Restaurant (they give you two valets, one for dinner and one for breakfast) the dinner was from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. I sign up the checklist, I gave my red ticket and I got sit alone (yes, a whole table for me) until another girl arrived, she was from National Guard, we started talking until another two boys came and got sit with us, one was from the Navy like me and the other one was an ex-Navy that was making an application for the Coast Guard as an Officer. We started talking about everything, the Coast Guard guy eat what I left from my dinner (it was really good) it was chicken with lemon, vegetables and mash potatoe with water. And for the dessert was puddin cake. (I wanted more but I was in abstinance from anything with sugar for a whole month, you’ll see why) – We got up, and we didn’t have anything to do after 6:30pm, we left and we walked from the Hotel to the Old San Juan. In the walk we talked about everything, what we’ve done, why we are joining, we asked the Coast Guard guy about his experiences in the Navy, why he changed and left the Navy, etc… we got back to the hotel at 9:00pm. I went to the room, got bath, my room mate was not in there, so I fell asleep until she got at the room like at 10:25pm (I was pissed off) she waked me up, and after that I couldn’t sleep. I watched the Oscars, and at 12:10am I was f’ hungry so I called the room service for a chicken soup and their chicken were closing at 12:30am (Sorry guys) – I fell asleep at 2:30am and I got up at 3:30am, got bath again and I went to the breakfast and it started at 4:45am, it was like a Sizzler mode buffet. Really good, but I didn’t eat so much, only fruits, water, and oatmeal. A waste of a ticket but I didn’t wanted to mess up the blood results. There will be a bus to take you to MEPS, we needed to be at the bus at 5:20am to left at 5:30am, but sincerely, we got drive by the Coast Guard guy and we arrived earlier than the other one’s. I lost that experience, don’t ask me how they treat you at the bus.


When everyone arrived at MEPS, we got in five lines, he asked who was there for only the ASVAB, for the three phases (ASVAB, Physical and Oath of Enlistment) and shipping out. The ones that were going to be shipped out went first, then ASVAB only, then Physical which I was in that group, and then the three phases applicants. I got first in line, ladies first, LOL. We did security clearance, got check in, the fingerprint, then take the bags to the storage room, then to the Navy Liason to get the folder and then back to the check in and from there to the physical.

This order can be different from MEPS to MEPS.


☑️ Color Blindness (If you can’t see those numbers, bro, you’re blind)

☑️ Vision (If you use glasses, you will not use them) I didn’t. This is the only I didn’t passed, I need an appointment with an ophthalmologist. I’m not blind, but my astigmatism reach like -4. Only problem with letters and words, I can see your face without glasses, my friend.

☑️ Depth Perception (You cannot see it here, but in each line one circle will pop-up more than the others. It is a cool test. I did it with the glasses)


You’ll get your blood pressure check and pulse at the same time.


This one got me really mad. You’re in this website and I work with what? – Exactly. Music… I cannot be deaf… nothing, cero, nada. Let me start that the cabine is NOT sound proofed, the headphones are like from NASA Apollo 11 (they smell even like that rubber they used in the seats of the Bel Air car, that 60’s scent) and the test started, it was like a bip sound from 500Hz to 6000Hz (My friend, I can hear really clearly those frequencies and I heard things that nobody hears) in the test the machine says that I was clicking when not sound was there which it did… but anyways, I don’t know how they do this, but the machine says that I’m deaf at 2000Hz, 3000Hz, 4000Hz (I got cero, nada at the right ear) 👿 so, there goes my aviation jobs opportunities. And to tell, that the cabine was NOT a sound proofed cabine like from the studios, it was a metal cabine, and you can hear the air conditioner through the headphones more clearly than the beeps and it was because it is a death sound, like it sounds like wobble, or a bass and to add the people talking, you’ll hear nothing. I think they do this on purpose, other applicants got literally the same as me, it is the headphones that are NOT reaching those frequencies like is supposed anymore. I suggest to MEPS to change to a BOSE, to a Sennheiser or more cheap, a Sony MDR.


We got a brief presentation about lying, filling the forms they gave us, you’ll do the medical once again, if you have used drugs, alcohol, etc… even if you have done it, put no to everything, unless you have marijuana or drugs use recently, but it is a no. The only one you need to put yes, everybody, are you in good health today? YES, don’t put no. Your application will stop there. And in the same room we got the Breathalyzer, that is for alcohol use in the last 72 hours. Don’t do anything stupid at the hotel, neither three days before, and the reason is that some people might not get rid of the alcohol easily. And also, no listerine, no Nyquil, they have alcohol. Don’t be stupid.


☑️ Urine

I had a problem those three last days, I have drink so much water like you have no idea. I left sugar, candies, chocolate, fast food, coke and fruit juices for one month before MEPS. You pee with a nurse in front of you, you need to fill the cup to the top, it was like an 4-6 ounces the cup. So, drink a lot of water, if you don’t provide that day the urine, you need to come back three days later, if you don’t on the third day, you need to return 90 days later. So do like me, water, water, water, no matter what. Also, the pee is really clear. Which it looks better because the chances that you have a clean uretra and kidneys, it will help with the process, if it gets yellow or brown, you might be targeted for dehydration. Also, if you used weed and you put it on the forms, you’ll be targeted like me in the urine label. But, I am not afraid, it was a long time ago for experiments purpose. I don’t use the M.J. I feel like that drugs gets you kinda like a moron or stupid abnormal.

Ladies, you’ll get in front of you an over-the-counter pregnancy test, they will test the urine in front of you for semen species (yes, if you have left-overs of semen of seminal fluid, try not to have sex at least 24-36 hours) it might be from your boyfriend, the day before, but they don’t care if it was from 6:00pm of the day before, your processing will stop and also at the same time will check for sugar. They close your urine, and put a label on the pregnancy test. They will check in the urine, drugs, protein and sugar.

For the guys is the same, obviously, you don’t get pregnancy test unless, well, you know, you in process of changing from woman to man.

☑️ Blood Test

Ok, how do I start with this? – I’m not afraid of needles, neither blood, but, I find disgusting the fact of getting blood drawn. It reminds me of drug addicts. To make the story long, short. I was the first in everything until this phase, I got my blood drawn from five different zones of both arms and hands, and I wasted like 7 needles because they couldn’t find my veins. They are really thin, I have a strong skin (for being an athlete since young age) and this is not a good combination. Four nurses were working, it was like a challenge, who can do it? – An Air Force nurse found the vein after another nurse from the Army helped her, it was an experienced nurse. So, now I was the last one.


The same questions you put on the paper, tell that to her. Don’t come with anything new, she/he will not trust in your word. Don’t be stupid.

She check your ears, eyes, neck, pulse, pressure, mouth and breath to check your lungs.

I needed to get my left ear cleaned, so I got an ear washed. That shit was fucking awesome, it was a religious experience and kinda satisfying. Now I’ll do every now and then the ear cleaning. He said that some people vomit, get dizzy but I didn’t. It was a pleasure of sadomasoquism that I felt, it doesn’t hurt. Just warm water in your ear. (There’s not a pleasure emoji, so I put this 😏)


Here is what we did (man and woman)

• Bend on your kness hard (that it sounds in the floor)
• Walk on your knees.
• Move the feet fingers.
• Move the hand fingers at the same time, touch every finger with the thumb.
• Walk on your tip toes.
• Walk on your heels.
• Walk fast.
• Touch your feet with the hands (and the doctor will touch your back from bottom to top while you’re getting up slowly)
• Duck Walk (Easy as hell)
• Lift your hands like the movement of the jumping jacks.
• The hands in the form of a jumping jack but to your front.
• Move your feet clockwise and counterclockwise.
• Move feet up and down.
• Move hands up and down.
• Move the leg with the fingers up, like a kick, to the front and to the back.

Then, you get your physical with the doctor. She will chek your bosom, looking for mass. She will touch your pelvic area and the abdominal area. Then you spread legs, with your hands you open the V-G, she will look and same with the back. She doesn’t touch the applicants.

Same with the guys, the difference, they will grab your treasury and you will cough.


If you pass and don’t have nothing to look at, you’ll got to your liason and they will check which job you qualified for. You can get to the Oath of Enlistment that day or another day.

If you are in my position, which we passed everything, except the eyes because of glasses use, 95% of the people that use glasses unless you have a low condition, you will get delayed because of the test they do. They want to fairly know how blind you are. So, don’t get mad. I knew it was coming. It is normal. If something goes like they feel you are not qualified, the waivers are awesome. The chances are higher of getting the waiver when you don’t have any other health condition that needs to get a waiver. There are a thousands of soldiers using glasses, we are not the first neither the last ones.

Now, I need to wait for the appointment of the ophthalmologist those weeks. I hope it doesn’t get delayed that much, which I don’t think because Puerto Rico is really small and we are not a culture of soldiers. They hate military and I don’t. So, I think it will be fast like we did in the Physical.

We were like 35 only or less, and the process lasted from 6:00am to 1:00pm. Well, mine. I was the only one who got the ear cleaning and that’s because of a Q-Tip issue, don’t put that inside. The other ones were only from 11:00am to 11:30am.

Prepare for everything, this is only thing I can tell because it is all over the internet already, but don’t get scared like me, I did because no one can tell you how they will threat you, mines were really human nothing bad, they will threat you on how you threat them, if they see you’re trying to be tough, you will have a bad time, and do everything as they say, don’t get ahead of them. It doesn’t work that way, especially with the main Doctor, if the Doctor you get see that she/he can’t trust you, or you’re shy like hidding something, they will get you nervous to the point you can release everything you didn’t told them even if it’s a little small thing. Small things doesn’t matter, they are looking for liars. Liars cannot be trusted in the military.

See you with the results in another post. Cheers!


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