TWLOHA + Hato Jey

It is my pleasure to announce the partnership between the suicide awareness foundation of; “To Write Love On Her Arms” and Hato Jey.

I’ll be supporting those people who attempted the suicide method or were having thoughts about it. Thanks to the people of TWLOHA I’ll be able to raise awareness of this through my music and my voice as I write this. So TWLOHA, thanks for opening me the doors. This is how I’ll be pushing my Hip-Hop career, and I will talk and raise the voice of my friend Jotuel. His voice will be listen even when everything ended wrong, we will make it right.

This partnership is coming soon. Stay tuned. I closed the deal on February 22, 2017 and everything will come in the right moment. This is for you, Jotuel!

In the meantime, you can check their website and search for help if you’re going through this.

NEVER QUIT! Life is not easy, I can tell that. But there’s millions of ways to go.


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