My Road To MEPS (ASVAB Phase)

Hello, out there. I’ve been having this dream of joining the military since I was 11. Music has been my passion since 3, but at the same time it was being a Police. Regarding, that later I knew some things can be combine, to me this was not. I combined my drawing art with my music, but how do I do this with the Military?

Well, I have a plan for it that you’ll see later.

After joining the Air Force ROTC in July 2016 and dropping out a month later because of conflict with the Job and College, my dream of being part of the Military is not dead. I wanted to be part of the ROTC program since beginnings of 2014, and I got the opportunity to be there in July 2016. To be honest, the first P.T. Session of the Air Force ROTC I was dehydrated, I vomited as having a Virus. I was not the only one, we were like 4 doing it, and one had the bad experience of vomiting from another place. 😐 I felt really bad for the guy. But, to be sincere, at 6:30am in the summer being in Puerto Rico, the temperature is at 75F to 80F and being dressed completely with black uniform, its kinda like a religious experience. So, it was more than normal, I have never sweat more in my life than that first day of P.T. It was awesome, I liked the experience because it was challenging and I was not alone in the progress. It was fun. To said, I laughed at the Officer’s face when I was speaking in spanish (we were not allowed to speak in our language) but I didn’t take it seriously, because I have a strong character (which I hope being sarcastic doesn’t brings me problems in the Navy because I find it funny people screaming and yelling. Weird, right?)

In 2011, I went to the Navy Recruiter Station and by the time I scored 31AFQT in the Pre-ASVAB the Recruiter gaves you at the station. I forgot about the Navy after that because they were threating really bad the people in the station. I went to the Army, National Guard and Air Force and none of them was what I expected. I saw the Marines but it has never caught my eye, only they have the best uniforms, but anyways.

I tried a couple of times and well, I forgot about the Military to focus on the Music, Job, College and people I used to call “friends” from 2011 to 2016 I was in this, do I join or not? The reality is that this has never dissapear from my head. I always wanted to join. But I think I was afraid of the needles at Boot Camp, hating exercises, and the worst… the ASVAB. Which I still I am afraid of it by the time I am writing this paragraph. I haven’t took it yet.

After being in the AFROTC, I dropped and I started to feel dissapointed because I needed to choose from a full time job, college or the AFROTC. Well, to start, I dropped the AFROTC, being in college was worthless without being in the AFROTC, so I dropped college and I stayed with the job, which by good life’s idea, I lost my job three months later, YEY! I was left with NOTHING. NADA. CERO. No college, no AFROTC and no job. 🙌🏻 Praise the most high like DJ Khaled says.

So, after seeing Hacksaw Ridge at Veteran’s day on November 11, 2016. I cried like a motherfucker at the end of the movie so bad (I haven’t lose the job by that date, I lost the job on November 17, 2016) I have never cried on a movie but why in this one?

Well, I needed to be honest to myself, I wanted to be a Soldier. I fell identified. Which, when I saw Men of Honor later, I felt more identified. And with my hand tattoo, I’m not allowed to enter any branch except but the Navy.

So, here I was once again, started from the beginning, here in the Navy. To make the story more funny, in August 2016, I met a Recruiter from the Navy at my job, I was the Shift Manager, and he randomly gave us a Navy contact card of him and I told him what I was doing in the AFROTC. Days before being fired from the job, like two days I talked with him about joining and I asked him questions and what happened with the AFROTC.

Well, I lost my job and I thought everything was going to be delayed for a long period, because I was going to start taking classes for the ASVAB on November 19, 2016, and shit, I lost the job at the 17. So, I took a month off, until I made money with construction thing and I saved, I pay months of debts until June 2017. So, I have my mind clear. Good.

January 6, 2017 – February 5, 2017

I started studying for the ASVAB as a full-time job, like 12-18 hours studying. I was making money between those times but I dedicated my hours entirely to studying for the ASVAB. (I’ll give later with what I was studying.) I went everywhere to have my documents up-to-date, I went to my Doctors, from Dentist, main Doctor, Gynecologist to make the Pap Test, I got myself X-Rays of the back and legs, to make sure I am in good shape for being at MEPS and not worrying of having a decay. Which I had, I had three decays… Imagine being at MEPS and get rejected because of this. So, if you are going to join, days or weeks later do the tests by yourself. (I’ll give later what test you should do) I went to the DMV to check if I have any transit tickets. I’ll tell you later about all these because this is something the ROTC makes you to do it by yourself because they don’t have the opportunity to have MEPS options. So, barely, anyone can join the AFROTC, well, at least if you don’t have joint problems or something visible that they can disqualify you by an instance.

February 6, 2017 – February 15, 2017

On February 6, I waked up, I went to my appointment of the dentist, got removed my decays and this was the last part of my own medical research for myself.

That same day I got the Pre-Test of the ASVAB, and I scored 34AFQT. YEY! Way three more from the first 31AFQT. NO, I was not happy, I was really mad and dissapointed, what happened? I’ve been studying a lot for this test. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even mentally prepared to take the Pre-Test because the Supervisor of the Navy told me that he was going to give me the PiCAT online password. He was with some other new upcoming Sailors that were there to take them to the Hotel for MEPS Physical Test… shit… I have two ways to go. He passed me with this Recruiter, that I have never seen, my Recruiter was not there for a reason. But my new Recruiter was kinda scary and he seemed like a really mad person, but he gave me the opportunity to do the Pre-Test and he saw the 34AFQT and asked me if I wanted to be a Reserve or Active Duty Sailor. I told him that I was interested in both but that I wanted to be Active Duty (I don’t have a job and there are no more options for me) but if I didn’t scored well, and I got the opportunity to be at Reserve, I’ll be a Navy Reserve Sailor until I can get myself active after two years… and well, in two years I can finish college with at least $300.00 secure monthly. Which is worse than nothing, nada, cero. But the recruiter gave me the PiCAT Test Password and after studying studying from February 6 to February 8, I woke up in February 9 at 3am, and I was so desperate that I told myself; “I can’t wait anymore” I was not concentrating while I was studying, I was desperate. So, at 6am I started the PiCAT Test. It was kinda weird, the questions were moron proof, especially in the four important subjects (Word Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension and Math Knowledge) the questions were really short, especially in Paragraph Comprenhension, the paragraphs were not paragraph… or my computer has a big width… I don’t know. But… after finishing the test… you get… nothing, nada, cero… not even a thank you, just kidding, just the you have completed test and contact your Recruiter. 😟 So, I deseperately at 7:00am, sent a message to my Recruiter that I finished the PICAT, he told me that he was going to check at it when he arrives to the office. Two hours waiting, and at 9:30am he called to tell me when I could go to the office, and I told him now…. in my mind I said; “Fuck, I didn’t passed because he is not telling the score” BUT, he then said; Do you have any document to give me? – And with those words I realized that I am going to MEPS to take the verification test.

So, I arrived at the Office that day between 10:00am, and he received me at the door, and the Supervisor all he said was; “Someone told me you’re going to be a Diver!” (I realized this was because I score perfectly always in the Assembling Objects. NOT everyone can do this part because they find it hard or boring, if you love drawing and puzzles like me, this part is a charm, like a gift… and this is used for Divers scores) anyways, so when I sat at the chair, and I saw my fucking score my face was this one; 😱 (Picture this photo as the jaw drop of Jim Carrey’s movie “The Mask” when he is at the dinner table and his jaw faints into the table) my score was 70AFQT…. Like how it was possible, I didn’t cheat a shit in the test, I have just fucked up my whole month of January…. but how? After failing many times at the Recruiter’s Office the pre-test, I was a non-believer that I could pass the test. But, when I did the test, I was sure and confident of what I was doing and no doubting any answer, just checking the answer two to three times and in a silence mode. No one talking or outside noises.

In the Office they made me fill up the Tattoo Waiver, because I have five tattoos (four visibles) and the form of health conditions and drugs use, this whole process lasted from 10:00am to 4:00pm. So the Recruiter scheduled me to take the test at MEPS on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 8:30am.

So, on February 15, 2017, I went at 8:30am to the Recruiter’s Office, he left us (there was a guy with me) at MEPS, we went to the third floor, I got a mugshot and my both index finger scanned, I went to the Navy Office, he told me where to go to the PiCAT V-Test, so I sat down, there were 30 questions. Kind of the same but mixed with new things of every 10 parts. And I thought I passed the Verification Test, and NO, I failed the V-Test. So, I went straightly to the ASVAB. Now, starting from cero. When I was taking the test, the PiCAT software was having problems, it took like an hour to get out of the freeze mode, I was starting the Math Knowledge part and it got freeze. I finished the test like at 10:45am. I went to the man in charge, he printed the scores, he didn’t left me see them and he put them in an envelop I had that my Recruiter gave me. I took the envelop to the Navy Office at MEPS and the Sailor that was in there opened and he looked at me and said; “You got a 52AFQT”

My only reaction when I heard the 52 was getting on my knees and I started to cry like a motherfucker, I didn’t believe what I was hearing. After six years of waiting to pass the fucking ASVAB, I passed and nobody can take that away from me. Later, I started asking myself; “Where does that reaction came from?” I’ve never felt a reaction like that one of happiness. So, I am going as an Active Sailor. Not Reserve. Now I’ll be going to the Hotel and MEPS Physical Test. See you in the next post for the continuity after I got out of MEPS that day when I took the test and the Physical Test.

Second Part


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