Tin Pan Alley

When you thought you knew everything about the Industry, it comes something new always to learn. The Tin Pan Alley.

This is the New York’s City first movement of Composers and Lyricists. This is where ASCAP was born, and the reason of why ASCAP was born it was the no-control of copyright in those times of New York’s City Music. Although, places like Memphis, Mississippi and Boston, New York was the responsible for most of the things we have in the Music Industry, like the Monopoly and all other things. After reading this, I am not surprised of why the Industry has changed so much to what is today… that makes no sense after some point after the Rock ‘n’ Roll era of the 80’s. And what I think is that today lacks the control over things, which is good, but it is so wrong at the same time because we have a lot of bad shit out there and we can’t find any good music on the radio.

If Video Killed the Radio Star…. YouTube Killed the Video, Performance and Radio Star.


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