May 13, 1994 – May 17, 2016

I decided months ago to publish my first song on May 17, 2016. 17 is a number that I respect. So, I decided that May 17 was the day where my life was going to change and my career in music will officially start. I received the news of one of my friends that one of our friends from college decided to quit from this life by hanging suicide. Its been three days and I don’t know the reasons of why he did it, but I want my first blog post to dedicate this to him, that the idea we had of using his name;  “Jotuel” as “Jo-Tú-Él” (in spanish for “I-You-He”) of three people, he as the voice, me as the rapper and our other friend as the DJ. This was never developed but his voice was so incredibly good, that neither Justin Bieber was like him. I had the idea to one day use him in one of my songs. My first song “Perspective (Letter)” is about a friend that I love so much, but I am not in contact with her for a few reasons, I’ll be releasing songs more strongs and powerful, but funny at the same time. I will put in the work a song for Jotuel, I will tell his story as I did with my friend in “Perspective (Letter)”, since he didn’t had the chance to speak by himself before leaving earth, I will.

Rest in Peace, my friend. You’ll be missed.

Note: And I hope you give me on paradise the lessons on how to drive a standard car. You owed me that.


One thought on “Farewell

  1. Yo conocí a Jotuel y tienes razón su voz era increíble. No me explico sus razones pero qué lindo gesto de tu parte.

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